Loyal Care Montana

Non-medical in-home care for Montana seniors

First-hand knowledge has shown us the importance of offering the best in-home care — just when it’s needed — at an affordable rate and in an unobtrusive manner. We’ve been there and want to help others care for their loved ones in the finest possible way, to provide compassionate caregivers and companions to lend a hand during life’s journey.

For twenty-five years, sister company LC Staffing has been privileged to place quality candidates in jobs at Montana firms. Our innate understanding of stellar recruiting and screening makes for just the right culture fit. It has been essential to our long-standing reputation, growth and client success.

We have also experienced the honorable responsibility of being a primary in-home care giver for loved ones in need while trying to balance family, community and work commitments. Those challenges presented remarkable life lessons, further enhancing the significance of life, and the quality of care one should experience when dealing with illness or disability.