Frequently Asked Questions

A List of Common Queries
Why should I choose Loyal Care?

The heart of our caregivers center on experience, compassion, dedication and competency to assist your loved one. We handle all phases of employment including hiring, payroll taxes, scheduling, workers’ compensation, as well as theft and liability insurance.  Loyal Care is the only care business that performs pre-employment and on-going drug and alcohol screening of our caregivers. We conduct criminal, motor vehicle and reference background checks for our caregivers. We choose wisely to ensure exceptional care giving and provide mandatory continuing education for our caregivers. We are the boots on the ground or the eyes and ears for family members who are not in proximity to provide care for their loved ones.

What selection process is used to hire caregivers?

We carefully screen applicants, requiring references, criminal and motor vehicle background checks, and we perform pre-employment drug/alcohol screening of our caregivers. Trustworthy, dependability, and a strong desire to serve must be prevalent. Loyal Care provides training and mentoring to our caregivers throughout their employment.

What if I am interested in getting more information specific to my situation?

Call us today at (406) 752-0146. A friendly staff professional is available to answer any questions that you may have about caregiving in the home. We understand that all family and health situations are unique and we look forward to creating a customized in-home care solution for you or your loved one.

Would I always be able to get the same caregiver?

Loyal Care strives to provide a consistent caregiver to our clients. Our caregivers are trained to watch, identify and report changes in the client’s condition. Care givers form a bond with their clients based on trust and dependability. If a caregiver is ill or can’t make it to an assignment for any reason, a substitute caregiver will be provided. If you are in need of 12 or 24 hour care, we will provide a team of caregivers. Our caregivers, office staff and client/family members are a cooperative team ensuring care is optimized for the client.

Is there an option for one day a week visits? What about seven days a week?

Absolutely! There are no limited visits required. Visits can be established on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on the needs of the client. Loyal Care employs approximately 40 trained care givers who are matched with a client for skills, compatibility and availability.

What does an agreement with Loyal Care include?

Our client agreements include information about the client-where they reside, their afflictions if any, transportation arrangement options selected, cost of care depending on client’s needs, emergency contacts, what payment options the client selects, and how to suspend or end care. Loyal Care is committed to flexibility as client needs change based on their current and changing conditions.

“We are blessed with my mom’s Loyal Care caregiver, Harriet. Harriet tosses a balloon in the air to get my mom to reach up for exercise. Our caregiver is a good fit and lives up to the name Loyal Care.”

B. Pederson, Kalispell