The Loyal Care Team

Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of in-home care

Kristen Heck


In 2010, Kristen Heck, who is also President of LC Staffing, launched Loyal Care In-Home Assistance.  Kristen had the experience and great honor of caring for ill family members for several years, while also juggling other life responsibilities.  Kristen founded Loyal Care to provide exceptional caregiving services delivered with compassion. The “Loyal” in Loyal Care references the reliability expected in caregiving services.

Kellie Danielson


Kellie is Loyal Care’s administrator and business manager. She has personal experience with dementia through caring and managing care for a family member. Prior to Loyal Care, Kellie was a C-level practitioner/leader in the community and economic development profession and earned an international certification. She has a proven track record with managing and growing business operations.

Laura Hunt

Care Coordinator

Laura Hunt is the Care Coordinator at Loyal Care. You can expect a warm, friendly and welcoming greeting and to have your questions answered professionally and with thoughtful care.

Kelly Armstrong LPN

Nurse Administrator

Kelly is the Nurse Administrator for Loyal Care. Her role is to assess our clients and develop a customized care plan along with the family members input. Kelly is a graduate of Kaplan College in Southern California. She has managed and supervised caregiving in assisted living and with in-home care.

Amy Monroe

Employee Recruitment & Hiring

Amy has first hand experience with caregiving. Her psychology degree and caregiving experience equips her for hiring and preparing professional caregivers to deliver exceptional care service to Loyal Care clients.